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Antreas Chadjikyprianou “Traveling is a key part of my life”

Tell me about yourself

My name is Antreas and I am 30-year old Greek-Cypriot who lives in Cyprus’ capital Nicosia. I am currently pursuing my PhD in Clinical Psychology and in parallel work as a Psychologist. I obviously don’t have any connection to the modelling world (which is why being interviewed by this magazine is very flattering!) but I do look after my physical and mental well-being. I love to travel, read and constantly discover the unknown

Style is what for you?

For me style means anything that makes me feel good and confident. It could be anything from a buttoned-up shirt for work to a cool hoodie for catch-up with my friends. I don’t strictly follow any fashion rules. I rather choose what fits my personality and makes me feel comfortable

How you keep your life balance?

My life is packed with stress (getting a PhD ain’t easy!) and I’m constantly under pressure, which is why I use a number of mindfulness techniques to help me navigate my busy schedule. Also talking to and meeting with my friends and loved ones is always a great way to decompress. And finally there’s nothing that a cup of tea and some Netflix can’t solve

How you keep your body fit?

I keep my body in shape with a balanced diet and physical exercise. I also used to dance hip hop for years, and throughout the summer you will most probably catch me somewhere roller-skating along the seaside.

Do you use grooming products?

Yes. I wash my face daily with a cleansing product and, recently, I have started using a moisturizing cream as well. I always make sure to smell good and fresh, and I tend to gravitate towards fragrances with wood and tobacco notes. Last but not least, I never forget to use loads of comfort softener while washing my clothes (thanks mum for the tip!) 🙂

Tell me about your diet plan

I never used to follow a specific diet plan. I simply try to eat clean…but really, who can resist to a nice milk chocolate? During the summer though, I usually reduce my carbohydrate intake and increase protein-rich foods in my diet.

Tell me about your fitness plan

I usually go to the gym 2-3 days a week and work two muscle groups daily. 

Do you like travel? Which places you like?

Traveling is a key part of my life and I absolutely love it. My aim is to travel 3-4 times a year (or more if possible!). I choose destinations within but also outside Europe, and can sometimes combine a business trip with a holiday. Some of my favourite trips have been to New York, Chicago, Dubai, Prague, Edinburgh and Vienna. I love discovering new cultures and admire the architecture and landscape of each destination.

What are your future projects?

First things first, I aim to finish my PhD. I would love to start teaching at the University level and, at the same time, continue to work privately as a psychologist.

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