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Davor Ilic “My diet is based on proteins and vegetables”

Tell me about you

 I`m 37 years old and I live in Croatia.I love all the nice things and have a career in fitness, but I also occasionally work as a wedding coordinator. At first, these two jobs might seem incompatible, but both are connected with beauty on many levels. I enjoy to travel and explore new countries. So far, my favorite city is Barcelona, Span, I keep going there for the easygoing lifestyle of a Mediterranean city and their lovely food. 

Style is what for you?

I believe most people notice and create an initial opinion on someone based on their style. There`s an old proverb saying  “You can’t tell a book by its cover”, but I think most of us do exactly that when we don`t know someone. Personal style is something we use on that occasion and create an impression about that person.Personally, I love fashion and dressing up, but because of my work description, I`m in sportswear most of the time. On weddings, I look good in a suit 😀

How you keep your life balance ?

 Because of my physically active workdays, I love to relax on my days off. I usually spend weekends in the spa, enjoying the pool or having a massage, to recharge for next week.That really helps to take my mind off everyday tasks and prepare for new challenges. 

How you keep your body fit?

Since I work as a fitness coach, regular workouts and a healthy diet are inseparable parts of my lifestyle. The only exceptions are celebrations, like birthday parties, when I allow myself a couple of drinks, but I try to eat balanced on those celebrations too.

Do you use grooming products? 

On a regular basis, I use vax to style my hear and face cream in the morning and before I go to bed.

Tell me about your diet plan

I eat 5-6 meals a day and my diet is based on proteins and vegetables. Depending on my workout schedule, on some days I add carbs (rice or potatoes). Usually, I make time in my schedule to prepare myself a home-cooked meal, but when I`m in a rush I might change one meal with a protein shake. I don`t use any other supplements. I take vitamin C on a daily basis. 

Tell me about your fitness plan

I lead 3-4 different group workouts which equal 15-20  training seasons in a five days period. That takes most of my time and energy. Those are usually in the afternoon, so I coach individual clients in the mornings. I hit the gym 3-4 times a week where I`m focused on isolation exercises for the chest, back or legs. I occasionally do arms and shoulders exercise. 

Do you like travel? Which places you like?  

I enjoy traveling and believe each new place you visit can enrich your life and open your new horizons. Meeting new people, get to know their backgrounds and finding out about different cultures make our lives more valuable. My preference is to travel somewhere where is warm all year round and discover amazing beaches. I have recently visited Hong Kong and would recommend it to anyone who`s interested in amazing architecture.

What are your future projects?

Living in Croatia, I`m considering moving to another European city or maybe even another continent. Who knows, maybe this article will open some new opportunities 😉

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