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Carlos Alves “I‘m a very organized person”

Hi, my name is Carlos Alves, i’m 30years old and from Portugal, Porto! Have an addiction for tattos i just love to see art walking around. I love fashion and photography, i started 1year ago to take both this two passions more serious. I do gym, actually im not a gymaholic cuz i kind miss it sometimes but still i try to get 4/5 days workouts..

What is style for me?

Style for me is not what you wear, is how you wear it i believe some people have the potencial to turn some simple products into a big deal by the way they wear by the way they show it to the world, its all about the confidence on yourself, trusting yourself and working hard for it.

How do i get my life balanced? 

Well, all i can say is im a very organized person so im able to have time for everything ( my regular job, my gym, fashion, my wife, family and friends) we just need to do it not just want to .. u know what i mean.

About my diet?

Aaa, that’s something im working on, dont have a focused diet plan! But i try to saty away from those regular fast foods, one maybe 2 cheat meal a week and im good, the rest is trying to get as much lean meals as possible.

About my workout exercises? 

Hmmm thats a good question because i often change it like is suposed to do, but i can tell you the workout split i enjoy the most and get the most results from is whats called PPL( Push Pull Leg) 1week HIT 1 week Hipertrophy.. but thats just my opinion.

Do i like to travel? 

I do like, i dont consider myself a traveller but still i like to do it with my wife, family and friends! Getting new horizons with the ones you love the most.

My future projects?

At the moment my main focus will be the best dad ever, i have a girl on the way since its my first son ill work hard to be the best version of me to my baby. Besides that my main focus is to get to this high level of fashion thats what im working for, it ain’t easy i know that but ill go for it, in order to live a life working on what i love to do and beeing able to give my baby and my wife the best that i can.. 

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