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A DreamBoy Story – Shane Tyler Finlayson

A DreamBoy Story

Shane Tyler Finlayson

Could you tell us your lifestyle?

So my lifestyle is pretty decent , I get to tour and train in different gyms around the UK and dance / performing on the Dreamboys tour with 9 other blokes who are like family . Then on my days of model when I can and see family and friends and train in the gym.

How you become a dreamboy? tell us your story

So my story of being a dreamboy , all started when I use to strip on Saturday nights in Brighton and London for another company . I decided I didn’t wanna strip anymore and handed my notice in .
The owner of Dreamboys got hold of my number and asked if I would like to join if the choreographers thought they could teach me to dance , then I would have a job touring for a living and dancing which I really wanted to try .
Got very lucky and they took their time with me and improved every year . Rest is history .

Photo: @menenti_

Before and After dreamboys what kind of things change in your life?

Before Dreamboys I was still pretty young and just go and party always trying pull women like a normal bloke , but soon as your touring for Dreamboys on the main stage and on billboards and on social media you don’t even have to try .
It’s kind of like a mini celebrity , you finish a show and you get a dozen of messages in your dms before you even leave the theatres or arenas . Women look at you differently and also recognise you in some of the places we tour , which still blows my mind now .

How is your comminication with your audience?

The communication with our audience is amazing , as we interact a lot throughout the show bringing up women and men while we do full dance routines and also some parts of the show go off stage .
Each move gets reactions and taking certain clothes off and playing with the crowd is so much fun
Then after the shows we do a meet and greet where they get to meet us and have photos with us .

Photographers: @jamesrudland @sallysparrow_photography @menenti_ @_leoniemayphotography_ @snootyfoximages

Why you called you successful?

So being with the company now over 4 years and starting in the London club , to now being with the main team on tour is a huge success , as I never had a dance lesson in my life and have had to literally work my ass off and work my way to the top .

Had a lot of support by some of the boys and mainly the manager Jordan and assistant manger Smike . Done extra hours in rehearsals and Smike made sure I got better and better every year and pushed me as much as he could .
This is one job all the boys from all the UK shows on a Saturday night want and normal dancers want this job to be on tour on the biggest stages . And to be now on my fourth year touring , I am truly blessed.

Photo by: @sallysparrow_photography

Do you like travel? How you keep your life balance?

So we start the year with a month off then normally do 6 weeks in rehearsals for the show and then we tour the rest of the year .
So we normally tour 3/4 days a week and all live on coach together with beds and a cinema room in the backend our own kitchen .
It is our second home , then we have 2/3 days off so that keeps our life’s in a good balance .

Photo by: @russkempphotography

When you dance how you feel?

It is one off the best feelings ever before the show we all huddle together have a little funny moment before we start , then the music comes on and we walk on stage and it’s one of the biggest rush’s ever . And doing it with basically some of your closest mates makes it that much better .
The screaming of the crowd and the loud music going through your body on stage just never gets old and your just like “this is why I love my job “.

Photo by: @sallysparrow_photography

Tell us your favourite brands

So my favourite brands have to be Calvin Klein for boxers/pants . I love Hugo boss , Hugo boss suit , shoes , glasses , and watches .
Levi’s , and I do have a good collection of Kurt Geiger boots .
Hera and mode London , which I model for mode London .
And sports wear I’ve always worn Adidas and Nike but never together.
Also train in a brand called Gavelo which I am sponsored by .

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