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Key Is The ”FFA”.

”FFA” Rule.

What Does It Mean ”FFA” ?

FFA means ”Feel Fresh Always”. If you put this rule middle of your life, you are going to be always successfull, traveller, having a good looking. I try to be always feel fresh guy. And this make my life easier and happier. When you are in public, you need to show them how handsome you are at least or you know how to use your charming part on others. I believe that everybody has different attractive part. But the most important part is show them to others. If you put FFA rule into your life, you gonna succeed it.

How Can I Put FFA Rule Into My Life ?

The question looks little bit weird maybe but the answer is easier than you think. First of all, mirrors are not just mirrors. Mirrors give you always clues if you know how to catch it. Look at yourself in front of mirror deep and sometimes tell yourself you can beat it. Motivation is best source for you.

Second, think you are the only one in this world. Like Picasso’s pictures or Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa’s. These masterpieces never drawn again and never gonna be drawn. You are the only one like them. Use your hands as a brush, and do the best art on you. You are an artist already.

Another one is true colours and true clothes on you. What make dancers so sexy or attractive ? Or what makes film artists really attractive ? Of course clothes. True colours and true type of clothes always gonna help you for FFA.

Good Luck Guys !

Sadullah Vatansever.

Written by mrvatansever

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