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Davide Pasqualini “It’s all about diet”

Tell me about yourself

I am a 38 y.o. Italian guy with a nomadic passion for traveling and exploring the world. I have been living in Sweden, Philippines and travelled around Asia thanks also to my job, since I work mostly as a commercial model. 

Style is what for you?

Style in my opinion is a reflection of our mood, the way we want showcase ourselves to the world. But on the opposite side it can be also a way to boost our inner self confidence, I feel really “alpha” when I am wearing a suit! 

How you keep your life balance?

By avoiding to be unbalanced in my choices. I try to sit down and evaluate everyday what is the best plan for me and I create tasks to follow during the day. It’s very satisfactory to summarize what I achieved when I go to bed and it helps me to sleep better! 

How you keep your body fit?

It’s all about diet. Mostly avoiding alcohol and hitting the gym almost every day, keeping an eye on being active and walk a lot. Variation is the key for everything mentioned above. 

Do you use grooming products?

Mostly wax and gel for the hair, virgin coconut oil as moisturiser for the skin (face and body)

Tell me about your diet plan

I tried everything and came to the conclusion that the more you variate your daily intake, the more benefits you can get out of it. I try to track my macros and the daily caloric intake and I do variations on it based on my needs. I keep an eye on my proteins, to hold my 💪.  I also have 2 vegan days every week, to “cleanse” the body from animal products. I avoid supplements! 

Tell me about your fitness plan

I do train almost everyday, focusing on how weights are affecting the balance on my body structure. I alternate at least 2-3 times weekly with “cardio” activities, like boxing passes or CrossFit, to engage the whole body and to make it more functional! I also use a fitness tracker, to know if my sleeping hours are qualitative and if I have been active enough during the day!

Do you like travel? Which places you like?

Traveling is my biggest passion, I see it as a way to learn about different people, cultures and points of view. It’s a constant way of growing, assimilating experiences and making new friends and connections.

What are your future projects?

I am planning to go back to the Philippines, I have some projects there in the next month and some dream destinations I always wanted to strike off my bucket list. After that, back to Italy for a while. I have been offered to go to the US. and in some country in Europe to work there for a period, but I won’t tell anymore until these last two get more concrete as plans! 

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