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Samuel Gil Perea “I’m a winner by nature”

My name is Samuel and I’m from Seville (Spain). I’m 30 years old and not, I’m not a model, I’m just a normal guy 😜. 

I’ve done sport all my life, especially football, which I’ve been practicing for most of my life. 

I currently live in Madrid for 4 years, and I was living in Bournemouth (U.K.) before that, working as a financial agent in a real estate agency.

I think I’m a winner by nature, really like to compete. 

Style is what for you?

Each person has their own personal style, so I think that style is personality. I never think about what others are wearing, I just think what I like and feel comfortable. 

How you keep your life balance?

You need to have a routine of life. Going to work, going out with your friends, going to the gym… and having a couple of beers sometimes haha. 

How you keep your body fit?

I told you before, I’ve done sport all my life. So I love sport, I feel alive when I go for a running in the night or whenever for example. I’ve never got a diet or something like that. 

Do you use grooming products?

Not, not  really. Just hairspray or something like that.

Tell me about your diet plan

As I said before, I’ve never got a diet. I just try to eat clean but of course sometime eat pizza or drink beers. I don’t have a strict lifestyle. I always say that you’ll only live once so you must enjoy. Counting calories doesn’t make me happy. I base my diet especially on vegetables and pasta, and trying to not eat much sauce.

Tell me about your fitness plan

So I use to work out 5-6 days a week. Some of them going for a running and about 3 going to the gym. I do nothing special, a normal routine training 1-2 muscles each day. But I’m not obsessed with my body. 

Do you like travel? Which places you like?

That’s what I most like in life. I’ve travel to many places but I felt in love with Thailand. I’m planning about going to Egypt and I’m very exciting. 

What are your future projects?

Carry on with my life. I try to not think all the time but I would like to be back in my home city. Surely it will be soon.

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