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The Curious Case of Erik Vent

The sun is setting, It had been a dry Sydney summer day. Young Estonian model Erik Vent is posing behind my camera today. Prior to shoot we had been discussing ideas and inspiration and we have decided to go into a 90s Hollywood mood. Erik looks like he is the love child of Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio from the 90s. Both actors represented a great era in Hollywood and that sets the tone for our shoot. Think Calvin Klein and Guess commercials from the 90s.

I meet Erik in the beautiful Hornby Lighthouse in Watson’s Bay. I have shot in this location before. Today’s sunset looks extra special, clear and golden. A welcome contrast to the smoky past few days caused by the Sydney bushfires.

Erik arrives in his cool black tshirt, denim shorts, Converse shoes, skateboard and his backpack of clothes. We decide to go with the clothes he’s already wearing as it represents his casual skater style. Erik is a superstar in front of the camera. 5 minutes into the shoot, I jokingly tell him that we can now go home because I’ve already got the shot. It was really good shooting with him as he is a very relaxed and friendly guy, not to mention has a great look.

His next change of clothes is his “Festival mix” a casual floral print from Jack and Jones and a white singlet. We explore the white singlet look even further as homage to 90s Hollywood.

The sun is starting to set so we head to the water. We continue to keep the classic look with a white shirt from Australian label Industrie and shorts from up and coming Australian swimwear brand Bracewell men

Keep an eye out for this model as he is definitely on his way to becoming one of Sydney’s top male models.

photos: @aswani.fotograf instagram

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Written by Aswani Fotograf

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