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Fabio Marcello “I Love Travel”

Tell me about yourself?

I’m Fabio, i’m 29. I’m a train manager for the main company in Italy and I live in Turin ( where were Winter Olympic Games in 2006).

Style is what for you?

 Style for me is different for everybody. Everyone must feel confident with his own style. Sometimes I feel “simple guy” and my style is simpler and minimal, sometimes is colourful and outside the box and everybody must find his own style.

How you keep your life balance?

With my work and my shifts it’s hard to keep a balance in all the aspect of the life. But I understand that the most important thing is to give the right importance to Loved ones around you and don’t try to please everyone.

Not everyone loves nutella 😉

How you keep your body fit?

It’s hard to keep my body fit. I work every day with different timetables and in different places. It’s hard but not impossible! I prepare all my Meals to bring them and eat at work. I exploit my free time to train, even if it means wake me up at 5 am. I train usually 4 times for week and I have a pt that help me to improve and achieve my goals.

Do you like travel? Which places you like?

I love travel, even if I haven’t visited many countries for the moment. I love Spain and I’d like to spend all my free time in this country: I love people, culture and the atmosphere of this wonderful Country.

Anyway I hope to start to travel more and see other beautiful places and meet other beautiful people.

What are your future projects?

I don’t have so strange or big projects: I hope to buy my own house next year and keep to be fine and Surrounded by my friends and, maybe, a big love. 

So normal but so necessary for me.

And then, who knows……

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