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Nicola Illig “I Try to Train Every Day”

Tell me about yourself

I’am an athletic trainer specialised in supporting professional dancers and young athletes and gymnastic . Pilates master trainer and life coach.

Style is what for you?

Style for me is searching details, elegance whitout exceeding, refinement in the material. not only in dress, but also in proposing. Balance between being fashionable and being consistent.

How you keep your life balance?

I try to train every day, i try having a balanced diet and above all , i try to take care of my brain

How you keep your body fit?

Workout and diet.

Do you use grooming products?

Sure, i like having best for my body. i try to heal my skin, to have a well-groomed beard, being in order each day.

Photographers: Alan Pasotti, Stefano Oliva, Simone Traversari & Luca Pareto

Tell me about your diet plan

I follow a slightly hyperproteic diet, about 3900 kcal pro die, divided into 6 meals.

Tell me about your fitness plan

In addiction to the hours i work with my client, i train both bodybuilding and pilates and stretch. about 3 hours every day

Do you like travel? Which places you like?

I do. lot!!! I like sea and Japan. tropical islands and going across Europe towns.

What are your future projects?

I am finishing my university career in sports psychology and i am trying to work as a sports coach with psychological support for high-level professionals.

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