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Interview with @inch_photography

Tell me about yourself

My name is Nenad and I live in Belgrade. By profession I am the architect, but through the years I developed interested for the male physique fitness photography.

How to be a photographer?

Anyone who possesses creative side of personality and enjoy discovering himself, both professionally and spiritually, is on a good way to become photographer. Add to this passion for the doing photography, as although final product may seem an easy task to do a lot of time and effort need to be invested in creating final product. However, in order to persist and develop confidence in what you do you have to have some kind of creative goal and follow it no matter what are the obstacles on its way.

Could you give some advices to the new photoghraphers?

Listen to what your inner self tells you, follow your intuition and uphold your ideas, listen to other people, but be careful who do you listen, not to lost yourself in this process, do not succumb to what other people like, their worldviews, their preference for aesthetics, closed mindedness. Remember, photography is your own world, you create it by putting your ideas into the photography. Be brave, be bold, just keep going, and develop your own distinctive style, as only originality, new ways of thinking are appreciated.

What kind photos you took?

In the beginning I started with just doing photography of almost everything, people, cities, nature. Simple I didn’t know in which direction to go, I just wanted to express myself. I encountered the work of the famous Cedric Roulliat, which give me a special kind of inspiration. His photos do not represent the objects, but have a strong expression of various messages he tries to convene, through the photos of male physique. Developing my own style I started being engage in works with the male physique, playing with soft lights and dominant shades. What I think is that I didn’t find style, through the work my creative potential came to fore, so I can say that style had find me

What are your future projects?

I am almost done with the work on the INCH calendar for 2020. Last year calendar was very successful project; I hope this one will be too. I also work on the book which will appear in March 2020. I am also going to Madrid for few weeks to do photo shooting with some amazing models.

How my readers will you contact with you?

They can see more additional content on and they can also contact me there or through my profile on Instagram.

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