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Dailos Ramirez “The Key to Success is to be Constant, Disciplined & Organized”

My name is Dailos and I am an islander, specifically from the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands) in Spain. I am currently living in Alicante, a city that is making me grow a lot as a personal trainer, entrepreneur, and as a model. I consider myself a versatile, hardworking and enterprising guy.

Style is what for you?

It is in character of me to be transparent, many times it is for the good although sometimes can be for the opposite. But I think the best thing in life is to be honest.

How you keep your life balance?

I am not always in a good physical shape but I try to be balanced throughout the year and it is no secret, it is to have a healthy lifestyle and surround yourself with people who contribute you and get away from negative people. Also look for time for yourself day to day.

How you keep your body fit?

Preparing a personalized plan, in addition to eating healthy and training.

Do you use grooming products?

In my bathroom I have basic products from white label to recognized products. My favorite are Loreal moisturizing masks. I notice that my skin is hydrated better than with other brands’ products.

Photographer: Rafa Catalá, Jorge Moreno and Ivan Oliva

Tell me about your diet plan

I think it is no secret, the essential thing is to have a balanced lifestyle with a good diet.
I don’t eat anything processed, I make my own meals and control calories depending on my needs, volume phase or definition phase.

Tell me about your fitness plan

In my case, I have always played sports since I was 8 years old. I started federated in volleyball and a few years later beach volleyball. When I no longer had time to compete I started the gym, that was 16 years ago! And until today it is part of my life and profession.
I take care of my diet and I follow balanced eating, I also have my routine customized to my needs and objectives and I go to the gym 5 times a week.

The key to success is to be constant, disciplined and organized.

I train 5 times a week and the duration of my workouts is one hour, an hour and a half.

I also usually do intermittent fasting at least twice a week

Do you like travel? Which places you like?

I love traveling!! It’s my passion!
I usually try to make small getaways (cities in Spain, London, Germany, Belgium etc) when I have some free time and find some bargain! And once a year I like to make a big backpacking trip. I have visited the Philippines, Cambodia and Thailand and I have not had a better experience in my life than discovering incredible and wonderful places besides living a thousand anecdotes since thinking that I will die, feeling that I found my inner peace or a thousand laughs during the adventure. It is clear that traveling opens your mind and you grow as a person and more humble since this type of trip not only sees the best landscapes you also see the other side of the coin – a lot of poverty and difficult situations.

What are your future projects?

My future project is close. Together with some partners we have created a sports brand and it will soon be on sale worldwide! Stay tuned!

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