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Marcos Blanquino “Be Yourself”

I´m Marcos Blanquiño from Madrid (Spain). I work as coach and studying to be a teacher. I was, I am and I will athlete forever. I´m paralimpyc champion in Río 2016 as guide and It was a great experience. I love travelling, sports, music and discover, feel, live.. . each moment in my life. I really like people who makes me laugh.

About style

The most important thing is “be yourself”, we need to express ourself for this reason we must choose very good and nice staff to feel sure and good but it´s not just clothing it´s an attitude.

About life balance

Always I try to forget bad things as soon as posible. It´s something that I´ve learned last year working with kids.

About my body and diet plan

I take care of my body for this reason I do sport 4 days per week about one hour each day. I run about 20 minutes, some streaching and a little bit of weights. About diets plan anything special: hidrates, fruits, dairy products, vegetables, some proteins and chocolate jejeje.

About travelling

Travelling is one of the most important things. It´s more than to take a plane or visit a museum. I try to discover every single place: walking a lot, talking to the people, reading about places and also I really love being lose.

About my future

Living free on a natural place.

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