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Mamdouh Bayan “Preparation of The Projects for FIFA WORLD CUP 2022”

Tell me about yourself

I am Mamdouh Bayan, a Director, Art Director and Style Producer, working in the media and entertainment industry, originally from Lebanon, living in Qatar.

Style is what for you?

Style is the way I express my self from the way I look, the way I put together and arrange my appearance, they way I want to introduce myself to others.

How you keep your life balance?

I follow the following tips to keep my life balanced:
1) Assess my life as it is now.
2) Make a conscious decision to become balanced.
3) Make that decision on a minute-to-minute schedule.
4) Set goals in every area of my life.
5) Be willing to take the risk.
6) Make time to reassess myself on a daily basis.

How you keep your body fit?

I’ve developed an unbeatable love for gym, outdoor sports and physical activities. I love boxing and also swims in my leisure time. I believes that anything without consistency and dedication can do no good. Therefore, consistency is the key of success to have fit body and great figure as well as having a healthy lifestyle.

Do you use grooming products?

I do use grooming products.

Photographer Name: Jescar Venancio

Tell me about your diet plan

I focus on avoiding junk unhealthy food, Mostly my food Is grilled, vegetables and fruits are essential in my diet plan, I do have carbs during the day like (quinoa, brown rice, brown pasta, grilled potato…) I rarely drink sodas, I’m more into water and fresh juices, I do love sweets but I also control my self and I have it in moderation.

Tell me about your fitness plan

The primary step of having a great fitness routine is focusing on my diet as to what foods and meals I eat. Avoiding unhealthy foods such as fast food and pizza helps me maintain my figure. I also also an avid fan of gym as it is a daily routine of my lifestyle and love outdoor sports and I have a balanced daily routine where i also focuses on balancing my sleep routine.

Do you like travel? Which places you like?

I love traveling I do travel a lot, I love exploring new countries and places but I have something special for London as I used to live there and Madrid as I have a great amazing family and friends there.

What are your future projects?

As an integral part of beIN Sports TV, I am currently involved in brainstorming ideas and preparation of the projects for FIFA WORLD CUP 2022. I am also working for several advertisement projects in the region and has many upcoming photoshoots which you will be able to see soon.

As of now, I am connected with brands such as D1 Milano watches for colaborarion. A few of my collaborations with sports centres in Doha are also upcoming in the near future. We will also seeing me in full action with a few men’s fashion and sports brands soon.

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