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Giwrgos Michalos “I Really Love Traveling”

I’m 23 years old and I’m from Volos. I’m a hairdresser and specifically colorist! I really love the way that colors are able to affect our life our looking and our mood! I was a horse riding athlete for almost 7 years and a volleyball player for 2! As a horse rider I bet you can guess that I really love animals..sometimes more than people!! Maybe that doesn’t sounds so good…but I really think that humans are the most harmful being on earth! And above all this music!! Music it’s like everything for me. I sing whenever and wherever I am!! Well that a little taste from me 😊

Style is what for you?

In my opinion style is just YOU..the way you express yourself, even the way you feel when you pick the clothes you are going to wear! It’s just art and as every artist does so everyone shows his personality from his style

How keep your life balance?

LIFE BALANCE! What’s this ? 😱 just kidding..haha! Unfortunately my work occupies plenty of my daily time so in my free time I’m trying to do things that makes me happy with the persons that I love so that I can have a real life! Hanging out with friends, drinks, music, gym. Stuff like this

How you keep your body fit?

I am trying to workout 4-5 times a week and I really think that’s more than enough to be in a good shape!! I don’t expect to have a perfect body I am just heading for a healthy life!! Also I don’t drive a car or anything else just my lovely bike!! Which is very helpful Get 10% OFF10%OFF Get 10% OFF Get 10% OFF

Do you use grooming products?

To be honest I don’t use any grooming products but I prefer taking good care of my face with lotions, masks and stuff like that

Tell me about your diet plan

My diet plan its kinda everything..just eat everything moderately! Every product is able to give you certain vitamins so why don’t just grab it!

Tell me about your fitness plan

As I said before I usually workout 4-5 times a week!! What I am doing? Just trx!! Working with your body without excesses is the best thing to do!

Do you like travel? Which places you like?

I really love traveling…especially in different countries! Sometimes I wish I had the time and the money to travel all over the world so I don’t have certain places that I like. I just like them all!! Every country you visit, every culture you get to know it’s like leveling up yourself! Memories that’s all we are going to left with! Memories family and friends! And as I say life is just a hobby!!

What are your future projects?

I would like to have my own hair saloon so that I could be as much creative as I want! Well probably a family but to say the truth a future for everyone is like his dreams!! And I would like to keep my dreams for my own ☺️

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