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Nikola Simic “Lets Say ROME is My Love”

Tell me about yourself

 My name is Nikola. I’m 20 years old from Belgrade, Serbia. I study Architecture at University of Belgrade and I like to travel a lot!

Style is what for you?

I think style is part of everyones life and everyone has it, just depends how you use it.

How you keep your life balance?

It’s very hard to keep my life balanced  cause I’m studying Architecture, so I try li live in the moment as much as possible

How you keep your body fit?

Let’s say that that late night running, practising and swimming during the summer days helps a lot. Get 10% OFF10%OFF Get 10% OFF Get 10% OFF

Do you use grooming products?

No! I’m not using grooming products.

Tell me about your diet plan

I don’t have strict diet plan. Lets say Eggs+beacon, a lot of chicken and vegetables… But not eating bread is very helpful.

Tell me about your fitness plan

During the winter days I go to the gym every day and do a lot of cardio trainings. Since I’m on the seaside whole summer I swim a lot.

Do you like travel? Which places you like?

Who doesnt like to travel? It’s hard to decide… lets say ROME is my love.

What are your future projects?

I’m gonna spend more time  planning my instagram business.

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