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Mark Montello “I’m a Natural Manphysique Athletes & a Fitness Model”

Hi, I’m Mark, @mark_montello on ig, I’m 32 years old and I’m a natural manphysique athletes and a fitness model too.I’m based in Milan, Italy where I live with my husband Maurizio who is my best friend and my manager in the busines.
So, what about me. 

I like travel, read books (fantasy are my pref. reading) and of course practice sports.

What about your fitness & Diet Plan?

If I need to describe “what is life style for me”, in my opinion my first thought it’s live a healthy life.Cuz of that, I usualy go to the gym 6 times par week and I follow a restricted diet all the year. How you can image, all of this could be too heavy to follow for a lot of people, but not for me.I think that’s possible cuz I’m a very focused person. My model and athletes carreer are very important for me.They don’t represent an obliges but a pure passion which give me the best fun moements of my life.
My workout routine it’s easy. I workout one muscular group par day, for example one day it’s dedicated to train arms, one it’s for legs, and then we have the chest, back, shoulders and of course the last day is dedicated to the cardio routine. I train abs everyday but, I don’t train these very hard. I think that I’m a lucky guy, cuz I have a good genetic, and this help me to train abs easier.

My diet it’s divided in two part of the year. Winter it means bulck season. In this period I eat a lot of carbs but the fats are low. I do this cuz I’m focused to incres my weight to have more strenght to lift up eavy weight.Summer it means shredded times. If u wanna show the muscles that you trained to hard all the winter, you must have a drastic cut, and lose a lot of weight.So in this season I say good bye to the carbs and I start to reduce the quantity of the meals. Asparagus and cod fish are my best friends in this part of the year. Get 10% OFF10%OFF Get 10% OFF Get 10% OFF

Do you use grooming products?

I don’t use a lot of groomy products. I try to take care of my skin with creams everyday and scrubs (twice at week). Obviously, to take care of myself I use natural products. For example, my scrubs powder consists in coffe powder and olive oil.But I’ve one beauty secrets. Do you know that drink a lot of water help to maintain your skyn elastic, and also aging slow down? So cuz of this, I drink a lot of water, 5/6 liters par day. That’s very important, cuz it gives you a good healthy and beauty aspect. So definitely I can say, that water is the best beauty product that everybody can use.  

Do you like travel? Which places you like?

For me travel represent a good occasion to learn more about myself.It’s not only a good occasion to learn a new language or visit a different place where you can relax and take a breack from the everyday life.For me travel it means learn a new culture and ganes the opportunity to analize your own life from a different point of view.This is very important for me, cuz everytime I come back home from a trip I’ve new energys, ideas and strength to start new projects. At the end travel for me it means grow.  

When i plan a vacation I don’t have a preference about the country. I love the mountains landscape and the sea too. But,I must confess that there is one place which occupy a special part in my heart.This place it’s Ibiza. I love this island cuz there is a good vibes and energy, people are realy kind, the landscape gives you a lot of sugestion and you can feel the magic in the air. For me,this place must be visited ones in the life.

Photographers: @_cobalto_ & @tomsaintclair  & @danphotography87

What are your future projects?

Cuz my job, I visited a lot of places. Only this year, for example, I went in Florida U.S. where I visited Miami, Daytona Beach, Key west and Orlando. But I went also in Madrid, Venice, Paris twice and Lyone three times where I had some shootings with my menthor and friend Tom Saintclair. But these are not my last trips for this year. In my plan there are a lot of other place which I want and I need to visit cuz my next booked shootings, where I will collaborate with some very famous photographers. But I don’t wanna give many spoilers, so definitely I invite you to follow me on ig and twetter to discover who they are ;). 

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