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The Procrastinating Gent “Traveling is My Favourite”

Tell me about yourself

I am a final year Dentistry student studying in Poland but I am originally from England. I fell into fashion blogging by accident when I was approached on instagram in 2015 by an online magazine who wanted to use some of my photos on their instagram page. They eventually asked me to start writing for them and at the time it seemed like the perfect escape from studying, hence my name ‘ The Procrastinating Gent’. Since then I have started my own blog and youtube channel of the same name, covering all things fashion and grooming. As I approach the end of my dentistry degree I have tried to incorporate more dental themed content to try to help and educate others and answer any burning questions.

Style is what for you?

Style, for me, is quite personal. It can be expressing how you feel on the inside. In contrast to this I think the way you dress can also change how you feel on the inside. Some days I feel great and so I will portray this in the way I dress, other days I feel down so will dress up smart to make myself feel better. 

How you keep your life balance?

Routine. Routine. Routine! I’m my happiest, most productive and most positive when I have a routine in place. It doesn’t need to be a strict one but I just need something to force me out of bed in the morning, once I’m up I get ready straight away and work my way through my daily to-do list. I find that by doing this I still have time do things that I want to do like meeting friends for a drink, going on day trips etc. What I tend to do is before I go to sleep, make a list of things I need to do the following day in order of priority. Then once I wake up in the morning I already know what I need to get done and then come early afternoon I’m usually free to do what I want.

How you keep your body fit?

The gym helps me with my mental health as well as my physical health. I’m always feeling my best when I’ve got a good workout routine in place. I feel happier, more positive and look better too, so I try to make sure I’m always getting my gym sessions in. I find that it’s a great way to switch off from life, which at times can be full on and stressful. 

Do you use grooming products?

Name me a product and I’ve probably used it before. I like to try new brands and new products but there are a few products that I always tend to go back to. I have oily/combination, acne prone skin so finding products that actually work for me has been my biggest battle for the last 10 years or so. I’ve found that Anthony products work well for me as do Jack Blacks oil-free sun guard moisturiser. Now I’m in my mid-twenties I’m trying to use products which not only help my skin now but will also help protect my skin in the future so SPF if a big thing for me at the minute.

Photographers: @iamsat @satpalphotography

Tell me about your diet plan

Students usually eat terribly while they’re away at university but then eat really well when they go back home. I’m the complete opposite and that comes down to the whole routine thing I mentioned earlier. When I’m at university I have a routine that doesn’t really change. Diet for me has become a big part of that routine and I’ve become quite strict with what I eat. If something isn’t going to add nutritional value to my body then probably I wont eat it. I steer clear of processed foods, frozen foods and try to stick to fresh fruit, vegetable and meats. I start my day off with either overnight oats with berries and a teaspoon of honey, or avocado and eggs on toast. Lunch is usually something like a salmon or chicken salad or sandwich with some fruit, nuts, yogurt and a protein bar.Dinner tends to be quite a big meal as it’s usually also my post-workout meal. I tend to make chicken or fish incorporating lots of vegetables in to my dish with carbs such as rice, noodles or sweet potatoes.For snacks and pre-workout meals usually have my shakes, protein bars, eggs and fruit.But don’t get me wrong I’m a sucker for cake, a cup of tea with a whole packet of biscuits or an occasional juicy burger and chips!

Tell me about your fitness plan

I was working out on and off for years before I learnt what actually works for my body and I found that having push, pull, leg days were the most effective. So I started doing two cycles of that a week with a rest day between each cycle. At the start of this year I started following the free programmes from Totum Fitness on instagram and have found they have really improved my form, mobility, endurance, strength and of course my physique! I’d definitely recommend giving them a go.

Do you like travel? Which places you like?

Traveling is my favourite thing to do and living abroad for my studies has enabled me to do a lot more of it. For me any place I travel to has to offer some good food and of course perfect places to take my instagram shots! I love Asia especially for its food, I’ve been to Thailand twice in the past few years and plan to go back again soon.

What are your future projects?

I have a couple dentistry related projects in the works which is exciting for me because dentistry is a huge passion for me. In terms of fashion and lifestyle pieces I have a really exciting things coming up this winter, it’s quite a different direction for me so I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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