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Batu Erginoz “Mr. B” is Coming

Tell me about yourself

I’m a 29-year-old international business graduate, vice president of my family business and an investment specialist and broker. We aim to establish strategic solution partnerships and plan strategic leaps so that our own investments can take place in the international market. My goal is to show and teach other people what quality means to me in every aspect of life itself.

Style is what for you?

For me, style is about knowing one’s self I am a man. I gotta know what my motives, what is my passion,my desires, my fears, what I like and what I don’t. When a person knows himself, quality starts to appear. I can optimize fashion and apply it to myself in the most natural way possible. Comfort is one of the most important factors for me. I don’t adopt an ostentatious way of life, I usually prefer sportswear. Attentive, stylish, comfortable and sportswear are my keywords about style.

How you keep your life balance?

To live my life to the fullest, I must try to find balance in six key areas to create the main balance in my life. The six key areas to examine are; Sleep ( My body needs to rest ) Success ( I gotta fulfill my desire to achieve ) Eating ( My body needs to get what it needs to be healthy. Not too much, not too less) Emotional expression of self ( I gotta know myself in order to know what I want and what I have to do to get it) Having valuable,fulfilling relationships ( I need people I can love and trust. If they can appreciate my value and respect me what else can I want more ) Entertainment ( I need a take a break in life and gotta do what I enjoy )

How you keep your body fit?

Real wealth is health. I care what I eat. I don’t force myself into a strict diet and fitness program. I love my body. Putting in a certain rules makes me feel like putting my body in a dungeon . I am not a prisoner. I am a master of my body and soul That’s why I tend to do sports that I enjoy doing it like swimming and jogging. I care my health that’s why I avoid food and drink that can harm me. My body is my temple. How hard you try to do your sports regularly or do your diet strict, If you are not happy , it doesn’t help you.Psychology affects biology. To love life and accept it as it is a very important factor to be healthy.

Do you use grooming products?

I apply a smooth moisturizer regularly but in certain amount of usage because I want my skin to glow. I chose good high factor sunscreen lotion. Sun can make stain on my skin and if I get sunburn I can need a skin tone synchronization operation. If time is urgent and I need to shave by myself my razor has gotta have high quality . A single cut in my face can affect the way my appearance . I don’t plan to change my barber until he dies because quality requires stability. He knows every inch of my face. Other barber can not show amount of attention that I want. It is relevant for my hair stylist too. My hands gotta be kept clean and my nails cut and make them dirt free. For elegance, hands have huge importance. The use of the soap for my face is important . I prefer light soap. Body wash products and shampoo is vital importance for style. My shampoo and soap gotta contain herbal extract. According to the needs of my hair and skin, my healer prepares special shampoos and soaps. Fabricated products are insufficient to achieve the necessary healthy appearance. I’m a special man, and I think that every part of my body deserves special attention. I believe perfume is the man signature, and my signature is Dior Sauvage. You know what they say, Everything becomes official with signature.

Photographer: Güven Karagözoğlu

Tell me about your diet plan

I care what I eat. I prefer white meat over red meat. It is best to have it grilled, roasted or steamed rather than fried, because of the saturated fats contained in oil. Fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and fish, wheat bread are my close friends. To supplement my calcium, I drink minimum 2 glasses of milk everyday. Although I am a chocolate lover, when it comes to dessert, my choice is fresh fruits. I drink 8 glasses of water every day for not to be dehydrated. I cut carbonated drinks like cola. When it comes to alcohol, I believe a little bit of joy does not harm at all. I think no one can say no to good Gorgonzola and a Pinot Grigio while Gypsy King plays on at background . Most important thing about being fit is actually being positive.

Tell me about your fitness plan

Because I live in seaside, I jog every morning for 45 minutes ride along Bosphorus. Swimming is still my best option for sports. I can feel my every muscle is moving when I take a plunge in my pool. Nowadays I am curious about martial arts. I think it will rise my masculinity level inside of me. Men are warriors and my body is my armor.

Do you like travel? Which places you like?

Of course I do. Tasting new things wides my horizon. Knowing other culture, listening other people’s stories are helping me to shaping my life and my mind. Learning new things can teach ability of finding solution in every problem that I face. I lived in England for a while for my education.( International Business) Turkey, Italy, France and Spain are my top 4 country . I fight like Turk when I face a problem, I dress and eat like Italian, I drink like French, and I live my life like I am in a wonderful Spanish movie that Juan José Campanella directs.

What are your future projects?

Like I answered in my first question , My aim is to introducing the world with my understanding of quality. So my main project is creating my own brand in global arena. I know Rome is not build in one day. Armani, Gucci, Versace, Tom Ford, Dior, Zanotti are one of brands that I use and all of them proved themselves. I am not saying I will be the next Armani . I won’t be the continuation of something. I will be the unique one. My networks and marketing team are working on it. We found the best fabrics and best designers in Turkey. I am so excited about it. ”Mr. B” is coming 🙂

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