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David Calderon “The Maldives is Just Heaven on Earth”

I’m originally from California. I moved to London about six years ago and around that time is when I started to get into social media, content creation and blogging. As an avid fan of men’s fashion, travel, and all things nerdy I create content that reflects my interests. You can see that on my Instagram with all my outfits, travel pictures, and my video podcasts that I create around men’s style and pop culture. My podcast, The Geeky Gentleman, has been performing well on iTunes (also available on Spotify) and is broken up into two parts: men’s fashion and nerdy things like Marvel, Disney, video games, etc.Personally, I’m a hyper-active individual who loves meeting new people and exploring as much of the world as possible. I’m a huge nerd who loves to spend time in a comic book store, always hungry, ready to drinks some champagne, and see where a night out akes me!

Style is what for you?

Style, for me, is just a means of expression. It conveys how you’re feeling in the moment and projects your aura with no words to everyone around you.

How you keep your life balance?

I keep my life in balance by following the mantra “work hard, play harder.”  I make sure that I put in the effort to make things happen for myself without waiting or relying on others. For me, it’s all about living life to the fullest and celerating the little achievements as they happen.

How you keep your body fit?

For my body, I make sure to hit the gym all the time and eat a healthy lifestyle with the odd meals here and there where I can enjoy whatever I want to eat. It’s a lifestyle versus a diet. Since I’ve been doing it for years now it’s easy for me to say no to bad foods because I don’t desire them strongly anymore. But sometimes I do crave some chocolate and it’s okay to have it because I know I’ll make up for it at the gym the next day. Usually, when I eat bad foods it’s to quiet my mind because I don’t really want it but my brain is telling me I do. So I just have some to keep myself on the path of eating healthy 90%-95% of the time.

Do you use grooming products?

Naturally, I circulate my grooming products from a variety of brands like Tom Ford, Kiehl’s, Clinique For Men, and La Mer.

Tell me about your diet plan

Like I said earlier, it’s a lifestyle versus a diet plan. So I make sure to eat lots of healthy foods. I’ve recently gone pescatarian and slowing trying to go vegetarian. So my food consumption features a lot of eggs, quinoa, beans, lentils, vegetables, oats, fruits, etc. I try to eat as much fresh food and avoid processed foods. If it came pre-made in a box I don’t eat it.

Tell me about your fitness plan

Currently, I hit the gym anywhere from 5-6 days a week. I’m trying to add some size to my frame so I’m working out with heavy weights for 4 sets and hitting 6 reps each time. All about those compound exercises!

Do you like travel? Which places you like?

I’m obsessed with traveling. Now that I live in London it’s amazing to have so many different countries and cultures so close together. When I lived in LA I’d have to drive four hours just to make it to Las Vegas. In London, I can hop on a train and in two hours make it to Paris or Amsterdam. It’s so amazing, My favorite places I’ve been too have been Japan and the Maldives. 
I went to Japan last year for three weeks and visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Miyajima Island, Nara. It was literally one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. I’m so ready to go back and I’d even consider living in Tokyo for a few years. It’s that epic! I cannot express how much fun Japan is. The culture is exquisite, the food is delicious, and the people are the nicest and most pleasant I’ve ever encountered. I cannot complain about anything.
 The Maldives is just heaven on earth. I’ve never seen such a pristine beach and blue water. I could stay there forever just relaxing, getting massages, and drinking cocktails. No other beach in the world can compare to the Maldives.

What are your future projects?

So I just recently started my podcast, The Geeky Gentleman. Its a podcast where stylish geeks & pop culture enthusiasts can listen to everything that is happening within this nerdy world of ours such as Marvel and DC film/TV updates, pop culture, video games, comic books, etc. and be inspired to achieve your own level of gentleman status with my own personal tips on men’s grooming and style!
I’ve just hit episode 15 and it’s going super well. I have collaborations lined up too but I can’t reveal those just yet. 

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