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Luis Morillo Carrasco “I Tried to be Vegan 3 Years Ago”

Tell me about yourself

I’m a very open minded person, always fighting for justice and balance in my life and in people around me. I love to listen all kind of good music, dance, do fitness and sports, go to cinema or teather and clubbing or dinner with friends. I love to receive my people at home.

Style is what for you?

Despite on what others say I think Style is something that other people thinks that you have or not.

How you keep your life balance?

Understanding what things are out of my control and Don’t stress about it.

How you keep your body fit?

I have a good genetic and I’ve been training all my life, so It’s something that I love, to be fit is just a consecuente of my passion with fitness and sports.

Tell me about your before & after process?

I’ve never have a big before and after process, as I said, I began training as a gimnast when I was just a little child. To wake up early to train and have diet is my life, not just a way to live. It’s something I do without thinking and I love it, we just have one life, one body. But If I have to think in a before and after process maybe every recover I had from an issue … and believe me If I say that I had been injured several times.

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Tell me about your diet plan

In a normal day I have 6 meals and take supplementation as tribulus, pre training with nitro oxidus, protein shakes and bcca’s, vitamins … that’s similar to any fitness man, but I do something special … I tried to be vegan 3 years ago, Was something that I couldn’t handle without a lot of pills so I quit, but I learn to take proteins from vegetables, so I ate just 1 or 2 carnivorous (eggs, meat or fish) meals, just to contribute a little for a better world to animals. The most important thing in my diet are the products, always Bio or ecological ones.

Tell me about your fitness plan

I train every day combining cardio (3 days per week) with hard train with weight. Now I’m trying the smart training: I group the muscles by movements: push, pull and leg, 3 first days just 6 exercise with weight and increasing it in each repetitions (12 to 6) and after 3 days to get ripped with less weight and more repetitions (15 to 10) I try to go every day, so if one week I loose one day It doesn’t matter and I don’t feel bad about it. If a week I have been 6 days at the gym, I give myself the gift of train whatever I want the last day … good! Looks like I’m an addict hahaahah

Do you like travel? Which places you like?

I don’t like the travel, I like to see other countries, and travel for me Is the price I have to pay to meet other places. I love the sun and good beaches like we have In Spanish Islands or Caribbean. I never been in Asia and I love the culture.

What are your future projects?

I’m studying a Master in Digital Marketing, reinventioning myself so I would like to finish, work from home and have time to take care of children by adoption.

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