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Daniel Zarzosa Rodriguez “HARD WORK, Perseverance & Dedication”

Tell me about yourself ?

Well, about me, I would say that I am a boy who likes to spend time with his people, enjoy life, always with clear ideas of my goals and, above all, improve myself day by day.

What means style for you ? 

For me, style is something that has to do with the personality of the person. By this I mean that two clothes can be the same, but the style of each person can turn them into unique clothes.

How you keep your life balance?

To maintain a balance in life I try to give priority to what I consider most important to me. TIMEtime for others (family friends)time for work, projects etctime for myself, make me better myself etc

How you keep your body fit?

HARD WORK, perseverance and dedication, there is no other method. Get 10% OFF10%OFF Get 10% OFF Get 10% OFF

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Do you use grooming products?

Yeah, I always carry with me my hair wax and my perfume 212 VIP BLACK

Tell me about your diet plan

Well, my diet is structured according to my goal of the moment, increase muscle mass or define. I calculate the kcal that my body needs, and from there I begin to structure it.

Tell me about your fitness plan

In fitness, my short-term goal is to continue improving my physique, and in the long term to achieve a good level to compete again in the Men’s Physique category in 2021.

Do you like travel? Which places you like?

Of course, I love it!. Nowadays, apart from Spain, I have traveled to France and England, but my dream would be to know America, its culture attracts a lot of my attention.

What are your future projects?

Among my main plans are to finish my career, right. compete again in bodybuilding and after my time at MRI SPAIN 2019, make my way in the world of fashion and beauty pageants.

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