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Norman Garcia “I Play Ice-Hockey”

My Name is Norman Garcia. I live in Geneva, Switzerland. I’m 24 years old. I speak severales languages: French, spanish, english and a bit of portuguese and German. I’m currently working at the international airport of Geneva doing security jobs, waiting to enter in swiss police.  I also finished at the fifth place at Mister Switzerland French part.

Style is what for you?

I think about the style everyday… when i go to the center i can not walk and don’t stop me in the shops ! I Also order a lot in internet and website where we can try it and return it if the size doesn’t fit. I watch a lot of videos on instagram and follow severales influencers. I think it’s cool and easy nowadays to follow the fashion tendance and inspire. I particullary like british and spanish style. 

How you keep your life balance?

It’s not always easy. I try to organize me and use every little moment to do a maximum of things. I always have a Protein shake at the job and try to eat every 3-4 Hours. I sleep at least 6 hours each nights because recovery is very important!

Photographers: Franco Baggi Maffioli @FbM-photography & Stefan aleksic @as__xi

How you keep your body fit?

 I do a lot of sports. I’m training 6 Times a week at the gym and i’m staying 1h30. I usually do cardio at the end of my working. I play Ice-hockey too and we have 2-3 trainings a week so it helps me to maintain my body fit. I also love doing every sports and i like be tired at the end of the workouts, it means that you worked well!

Tell me about your before & after process?

Sincerely, I’m very lucky to have some parents who have been always implicated in sports. My father did 20-30 ironman and my Mother was teacher of gym class. So I’ve born in a sport environment and I’m So grateful. I wasn’t fat or skinny when I was young, like a normal Guy. When i started fitness, my muscle have grown ,i followed a diet and i had my daily routine and that’s it. I think I have a good morphology too.

Tell me about your diet plan

From 16 years old to 21, I used to weigh everything i ate. Most of the time chicken, eggs, oats, meat, chicken, vegetables and fruits. Then i immediatly see results and, mentally, it helps me a lot. I was motivated with the results. For the past 3 years I kept this routine but without weigh my food. Now, if i want an ice cream, i eat one and it doesn’t matter if it’s only sometime. I don’t want to Say to my friend that i can not go to the restaurant because I follow a diet.

Tell me about your fitness plan

I usually train 6 Times a week. Most of the time it’s seem like this : 

Monday :        Legs – abs
Tuesday:         shoulders- biceps 
Wednesday :  back- abs 
Tuesday:         legs – triceps
Friday :           chest – abs 
Saturday :       cardio circuit
Sunday :         off or footing

I focus on shoulders, legs and back because it’s my weakness. 
Most of the time after each session i do HIIT (8x 30 seconds off- 30 sec on) 

Do you like travel? Which places you like?

I love travelling!  I want to discover a lot of countries. When I was young we travel to Australia, USA and India with my parents so I think I have this is my Blood!I was in Thailand at the beginning of the year and I really enjoyed it, there is some amazing places, sunset… I’m usually going to Spain because I have some family there but Madrid is a very Nice place and i love it.

What are your future projects?

In october Im going to Los Angeles 3 months to improve a bit my english and looking for agency modelling. After I’m Moving to Australia , also 3 months. Depends of what I will have, i will travel to Colombia and Mexico too. 
I want to enter in the swiss police before 27-28 years old and also see if anythings happen with modelling! 

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