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Hugo Miranda “My Physical Condition is Due to My Daily Work”

Hugo Miranda is 30 years old and live in Portugal

Style is what for you?

For me the style is what makes us feel good in our day to day, every piece we think of dressing we have to think will be our best outfit.

How you keep your life balance?

The balance of my life is that I feel myself, only in this way can we win the battle of life.

How you keep your body fit?

At this moment I train 3 / 4x a week, I feel good, alleviate daily stress.

Tell us about your Before & After Process

My process was simple, commitment and dedication and everything is achieved.

Tell me about your diet plan

I try not to have a great diet, I am pondering what I eat, and do not deny eating anything, we should enjoy life to the fullest.

Tell me about your fitness plan

My physical condition is due to my daily work, I am a waiter and I do many miles and this is my handicap for my life.

Do you like travel? Which places you like?

I love to travel, my best days of the year are always my holidays. This year I visited Mexico and it was fantastic, but my best trip by amazing way was last year to Menorca. I loved everything about that island, trip to repeat.

What are your future projects?

Right now I have my steady job, but I would love to pursue a career in influencing, I have dedicated myself a lot and one day I will reap all the fruits I have planted.

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