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Christos Neophytou “Taking Care of Yourself, Spirit, Body & Mind”

Christos I know you have positive attitude firstly I would like to ask to you about your view about the life.

I personally believe that the only attitude we are “allowed” to have is positive. the reason is that we are given the best gift ever without even asking for it, that is… LIFE. Every single day we should feel appreciative for every breath we take, and get to experience the abundance and act of god. God is where we derive from. We are so blessed we get to serve god through different forms and shapes. everything that is happening is not happening to us but for us, for the sole purpose of fulfilling our purpose. That is so exciting that every second feels like a life time. So imagine how much happiness we get to feel in 100 years of physical life…

How about the life in Cyprus? My Followers want to know more things about the beautiful island Cyprus

Life in Cyprus is great we have the sun the sea and generally the island is beautiful. and everything is given to us for free. that is also the tricky part because it puts as in a comfort zone, forgetting about our dreams and aspirations. that is because as humans we always look for something easy somewhere to park our ship and rest. we do have a lot of potential and big heart and great minds and we should use our talents, skills and experiences. we owe it to life to god and people around us. we shouldn’t take anything for granted, we can and must do great things. Things that we are designed and destined to do that is expansion as human beings, in our professions and in our personal lives. everything is about progression and contribution. Those two words are the definition of fulfilment and a fulfilled person is a happy person.

Tell us about your education background and why you choose marketing department?

My background in education ..I studied hairdressing which I didnt like much but I didnt know what I wanted to do back then so I followed the family business of my uncle. It was the safest thing to do. After that I studied business administration with focus on marketing and also in the afternoon I did an online course in personal training due to the fact that I like to help and motivate people to improve their lives. I chose tO gain a bachelors degree in business because its a very broad subject and I can apply it where ever I choose, gaining that way knowledge from different fields .

Whats your future projects and advantages of modelling?

I intend to work a day job because I want to finance my goals. I want to be financially independent, I am not too proud to accept help from others but I want to support my self and rely on me. I dont want to have any excuses, everything is my responsibility.

Also I am looking to build a team of people where I empower them and motivate them in business and in life general.

How keep your life balance? and How my Followers has body like you?

A good balanced life is a life where both selfishness and selflessness are served. first one is taking care of your self, spirit, body and mind, so you can have the energy to contribute to others, and that is selflessness. we should take care of our body ,eat healthy because what we eat is what we are. Read books feed the mind on the subject that express you gain knowledge that you can apply and do some yoga and exercise for the body and spirit. that way you keep a good mental state helping have a positive energy and we create and attract great people which is the most vital to achieve in life, a great environment that have similar goals and vision and helps us stay on our track. Thats how we achieve full potential in our work-life balance.

Photographer: Jaylogothetis

How you prepare for photoshoots?

When I am preparing for a new project (photoshoot etc.) I watch what I eat about two months prior to the event, so I can be ready and I do get in shape quite fast because of my genetics and work ethic. Genetics is a talent for me we should use it and dont ignore it because is god send. with some vision, talent, consistency, after that is a matter of time so….patience and faith, and I do have both.

How is your communication with your fans? What do you want to tell them?

My communication with fans is great, everytime I get a feedback I feel touched, I appreciate it and I do not take anything for granted, therefore I try to answer as much as possible. people need help as I need help so I empathize and am honest. I want to tell them that everything starts with us but doesn’t have to stay there because there are great people out there who want to be a pert of your success in life and work, you just have to expose your self to them reach out trust and ask. God first. Lets connect. People is love and love is god. Give and you shall take in abundance.

Tell me about your personal trainer experience & ideas

I dont intend in continuing training clients because I have a marketing job now but I will use my education in maintaining my body in shape for modelling. I do give free advices though because I like to help others.. generally I love people . my belief is …we are the vessel, money and wisdom is the medium, people is the PURPOSE.

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