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Ariel Roa “I Go 3 times a Week to Gyn & 2 Times Crossfit “

I am a hairdresser, I have a hairdresser and I manage a great work team

How you keep your life balance?

Diet, healthy life, gym and crossfit

How keep your body fit?

I always did sports since childhood and I went to the gym but my body began to change when I made a good diet

Whats your Diet & Fitness Plan?

I eat a balanced diet, 6 daily meals in which only carbohydrates in the prins 3 meals the other only proteins and vegetables

I go 3 times a week to gyn and 2 times crossfit

Photographers: @_yoraulv & @_cobalto_

Do You Like Travel?

I love traveling either for work or pleasure. I like to travel the world and open all the places with beautiful beaches

Tell me About Your Future Projects

My projects is to continue growing professionally and continue to maintain my balance of life.

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