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Chrysanthos Panagiotou “I attended on sport psychology courses in order to get a better view on costumer” needs”

Dear Chrysanthos we know you are personal trainer

Tell us how you decice to be Personal Trainer?

From a very young age I had a passion for sports and as I was becoming elder that passion it grown bigger so I decided to turn my passion into my lifestyle and make it my proficiency in order to provide help to others.

Tell us about your competitions experiences

Attending a competition was never my first priority due to the fact those competitions are not representing my mentality as an athlete and a sport scientist. 

How keep your life balance?

In my life I have learn through sports that I have to maintain a program and a balance, that helped with my time management but also to set things in order.

How you understand your customers needs?

Through my degree as a sport scientist and several courses that I attended on sport psychology helped me to get a better view on costumer needs and behaviors and also how to assist them. Moreover the experience I possess being a personal trainer by working with different group of people.

How my followers has body like you?

In order for someone to have his/her dream body is a combination of an individually nutrition plan with a specific training program. It will take effort though for achieving their goals but once they will get fit there is no way back, it becomes a lifestyle and there is where the temptation to go even more is born.

Tell us about you future projects

Long term I hope to achieve even more of my personal goals as Chrysanthos and take my physique even further. Furthermore to help others to achieve what I had achieved and make people happy in their own bodies. Chrysanthos Panagiotou🇨🇾

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