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Alessandro Cavagnola – “I Love to Travel & Meet New People”

Hi i’m an italian guy, IFBB mens physique professional athlete, I’ve made my sport my job my life style because I love healthy eating and keep control of mind and body, without ever making me miss some pleasure and bad life. 

Do you like travel?

i love to travel, discover new places and meet new people with different points of view and culture i think it is one of the things that enriches you the most and makes you open your mind

How you keep your life balance?

I try to do it because I love what I do, but like everything every now and then you have to pull the plug to rest your mind and body

Whats your Fitness plan?

my fitness plan depends on the pre or post competitive period I usually never miss my 4-5 days of weight room combined with 2 days of aerobic work and stretching and mobility exercises

Photographer: Luis Rafael

Wich one do you prefer Simple or dapper?

if I had to choose I prefer the simple, both for convenience and to appreciate a person in their everyday simplicity, but it is also right to be elegant sometimes on particular occasions

How did you Start your blog?

I started to manage it seriously for about a year because I think it’s nice to be a source of inspiration and why not help those who like me want to have this lifestyle

How you Keep your beauty?

I like to take care of myself at 360 degrees so I periodically do both body and skin treatments and try to feed myself in order to make all this even more effective

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