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Nicholas Charrel – “I Live the Present Moment”

Hi Nicolas We know you the Mister Sexy Men France 2018. Could you tell us your success story on that competition

So first of all I want to thank the member of this committee, it is she who launched me and guide my early career. Without it I will not be here today. It was a very enriching human experience and thanks to this title new doors are open to me

Have you imagine before you will be a good model?

I had never really imagined it, however I always wanted to know about this professional experience

What kind of things are changed your life after to be model

The things that have changed are people watching. Some see me as someone haughty and pretentious but people close to me know that I am always the same.

Tell me about your life style

My lifestyle has remained fairly simple. I am a basic person despite the fact that I pay attention to my appearance and the image I refer to. Get 10% OFF10%OFF Get 10% OFF Get 10% OFF

Photographers: Alain bearinz & Émilie Nguyen & Tom Saint Clair

Which countries you travel as a model?

For the moment I did not travel thanks to modeling. However I am in several agencies including two in Switzerland, one in Italy and one in Germany.

What are the dvantages and disadvanges of modelling?

The advantages are that one meets a lot of people and that one is brought to work in very beautiful places

Do you have any advice for new models?

The main advice I will give is to have fun! It is essential but also to pay attention it is a difficult world but very rewarding

What about your future projects?

I have no future projects, I live the present moment. But I’ll admit that my biggest dream will be to work for a perfume advertisement.

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