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Interview with @coachpierpaolo

Tell me about yourself

I’m an Italian personal trainer living in London , I love travelling, sport, fashion and good food 

Style is what for you?

Style is a big plus in your personality .. you can have natural taste for style or you can follow a good page for it ..

Tell me about your diet plan for summer

My diet for the summer is very simple .. I try to eat everything in good portion and avoid carbs in the evening 

What about your fitness plan?

Fitness plan for the summer is to have often work out for not more than 40 min .. so you can hit the muscle to feel always the pump Get 10% OFF10%OFF Get 10% OFF Get 10% OFF

What are your future projects?

My future project are not sure yet.. there are lots going in my brain .. I just need to focus in follow my heart and passion 

Photos: @andrewjeastwood & @vicroberto

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