Interview with Fabio Morelli

I’m Italian, 28 years old currently living in Warsaw Poland.
I work as marketing consultant in Accenture, I CEO of UpTo a startup based on an app to meet new friends through informal meet-ups.
I wrote 2 books in Italian related to digital marketing.
In my little free time I work as photo-model and actor for commercials.
Big fan of pizza, travelling, parties.

Style is what for you?
Is expressing your self in your best way. Is not only about clothes, but especially about the attitude. Is self confidence, motivation and ambition.
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Erik Witsoe
Do you like travel?
I love travelling, but I wish I would have more time to do it.
Do you spend your money for buy something?
I spend a lot on clothes I don’t hide it, but so far my biggest investment was in my company UpTo. Secondly I love investing in my self professionally: books, workshops, classes, video classes etc. Lastly I have to say that the best money spent are the ones spent in travelling and for people you love.
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Erik Witsoe
Do you follow other bloggers?
I’m a big fan of my compatriot Mariano Di Vaio as well as of his clothing brand Nohow. I also love the style of Toni Mahfud and Salvatore Vita.
What's your favourite style so far and why?
I like to keep my Italian style when it comes to closeted and fashion. On a daily basis I often choose smart casual outfits. Partially because of work, but also because I think fits to me and represents me.
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Simone Eusepi
How you keep your life balance?
I try to have a good balance between work, family, friends, love and fun. I think is important having priorities and goals as well as a motivation to reach those goals and examples to don’t fall out from the right way.
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Erik Witsoe
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