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A Gent’s Guide to Stocking the Perfect Home Bar

Every true gentleman should have a home bar, but it is not that easy to stock it without a lot of investing. However, there are always less important drinks, tools, and glassware which you can cut. Depending on your budget plan, you can define the essentials which will, most likely, be enough for you to have a beautiful and useful home bar. Therefore, let’s take a look at all the steps you need to follow for stocking the perfect home bar.

Define your budget

This has to be your first step, and something you shouldn’t try to “play by the ear”. When you know exactly how much you want to spend, you will end up buying only the essentials instead of spending it randomly. Afterwards, divide the budget into three categories – liquor, glassware, and tools. When you define the budget for these categories, you can finish the last and ultimate goal – stocking the bar!

Proper liquors for an adequate gentleman

What drink comes first to your mind when you think of the gentleman’s home bar? Whiskey, of course! The first choice is definitely scotch. However, if your budget allows it, you can consider having a bourbon, as well as rye whiskey, to offer a considerable variety in your home bar. You should also have a few bottles of vodka for those cold, winter days. Keep in mind that vodka is essential for various cocktails and shots. When it comes to cocktails, you will also need gin and rum. If you are not a big fan of those drinks, you can have only one bottle of nice dry gin for La Guapa or The Fitzgerald cocktail, as well as one bottle of dark rum which is essential for punches. Another top choice for a gentleman’s home bar would be an Italian drink called grappa. It is a grape-based brandy which you can easily find in Australia, as well as any other corner of the world. Finally, find a bit of space for tequila, vermouth (especially for girls), and of course, a few bottles of excellent white and red wine.

Do not spend too much money on tools

Keep in mind that you don’t need professional bartender’s tools or anything too fancy. Again, make sure you stick to the budget. However, there are some highly necessary tools which should find their space in your home bar. Shaker has to be the number one choice since it is essential for both cocktails and shots. Measuring alcohol is also very relevant, and jigger is the most helpful tool when it comes to that matter. Lemon is another essential part of many drinks. Citrus juicer could make a massive difference for all lime needs. Finally, do not forget small details such as long-handled spoon for all kinds of mixing, as well as few bottle openers, especially for wine.  

A few sets of glassware is more than enough

This might seem like the least important part, but it might be the final judgment point for your guests. The way you serve drinks to your guests is always super relevant. Therefore, make sure you have enough glasses for each of the previously mentioned drinks. Not too much, just enough to fit into your budget and the number of guests you plan to invite. For scotch, you’re going to need a set of old-fashioned or rocks glasses. Highball glasses will do the trick for all mixed drinks, as well as shot glasses for short beverages. Finally, try to find an elegant set of a wine glasses and a few manly pints for beer lovers.

Written by Peter Minkoff

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