5 Traits of a Stylish Gentleman

Being a gentleman is an art. If you think that it’s all about dressing well, you are wrong. A gentleman knows how to talk and behave, but also how to take care of himself and his family. He is a responsible and goal-oriented person. He knows when to be serious and when to be funny. To be a stylish gentleman, you have to work a lot on yourself. Here are some of the crucial traits you have to possess if you want to earn that title.

He has good manners

You need to be honest and sincere in every situation, never lie (even when it seems smart) or talk nonsense. Also, you have to be kind, especially to women. Don’t hesitate to compliment them with style – when you do it correctly, they’ll be happy. There are also a few basic things you should always keep in mind, such as holding the door or taking your wife’s coat. However, it is impossible to be perfect; you will make a few mistakes here and there. But, that is the most important exam for a gentleman! Admit you made a mistake and apologize kindly. Everyone will appreciate that act.

He has an outfit for any occasion

A good understanding of different occasions is crucial for a gentleman. Each situation requires a different outfit. A stylish gentleman will be in a suit at the office, together with a tie and a high-quality watch. In leisure time, when he goes for a walk or to the cafe, he wears a pair of casual boots, jeans, sunglasses and a cool leather jacket. The point is to have a sense for each situation and to adapt your style to it. Also, a gentleman doesn’t have to follow trends and fashion. He should stick to his style, to keep being original and authentic.

He cares about grooming

You can recognize a true gentleman even without looking at him. He will smell beautiful. That speaks a lot about his overall cleanliness, too. A stylish gentleman will always take care of his skin, making sure it stays hydrated and youthful. He will always look for the best body and face products. The same applies to hair and beard. They both play a vital role when it comes to good style and a manly look. These are usually the first things someone notices on you. Therefore, you need to nourish them quite often, on a daily basis mostly.  

He takes care of home decor

A stylish gentleman will not give over the whole burden of housekeeping and decoration to his wife. He will be helpful, active, and innovative. It is logical – if someone has a perfect outfit, he is also going to take care of his house and decorations. His room will be clean, with a few details which are the most important to him – books, pictures, photographs, etc. Furthermore, he has to think about her wishes and desires. He will buy a good TV for watching movies, take care of candle supplies for a romantic dinner, or buy an armchair she likes.

He is always in a good shape

This doesn’t always have to be the case, since there are people who can be either skinny or fat, but still acting like a gentleman. However, generally speaking, you can be sure that a stylish gentleman will take care of his shape. It is also an act of responsibility; taking care of your body is healthy and speaks a lot about you. You have to find time to exercise every day, an hour is sometimes enough to remain good shape. The gym is usually the way to go, but if you prefer running or swimming, go for it. Any physical activity is a must for a stylish gentleman.

Written by Peter Minkoff

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