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6 Coolest Birthday Gift Ideas For Him

Your quest for the perfect gift for him begins in your heart. Just kidding, it begins by panicking and  scouring the internet. The truth is, you might just know your partner, but when it comes to gifts, not every one of us is the same. Some of us don’t like getting gifts at all. Some like getting only useful stuff. And some.. Well, some like it hot. So, if you’re looking for some advice on what to buy for your lover, look no further.


Every man needs some simple things like a wallet, a tie, a necklace, a bracelet or maybe a hat. These simple and small things will always remind him of you, and, of course, they’re also incredibly useful. Don’t forget to personalize the gift, though. Engrave something on a bracelet or embroider your initials on a tie or a necklace. Alternatively, engrave or embroider a sweet message only the two of you will understand.


Giving wine as a gift is always a fantastic idea. It’s impossible to find someone who doesn’t drink it or at least have some friends that do. If you just started your relationship, definitely get him a bottle of wine. Not just any wine, though. Find something that both of you might like. And, who knows, maybe you’ll even drink it together and we all know that being tipsy can lead to some interesting things. Wink, wink.

For bookworms

Let’s admit it. Guys who read are cool. They’re more creative, sophisticated, etc. However, not every guy reads.. If your guy is not a reader, lure him into the world of books. How? It’s easy. If he likes sports, find a non-fiction book about the history of his favourite sport. If he likes beer, well, Beers of the Worlds as an obvious choice. Slowly but surely, you’ll turn your boyfriend into a bookworm.

Superhero gift for your personal superhero

You know what guys like? Batman. Superman. Iron Man. Thor. They want to be them, even though they won’t admit it. That’s why getting him a superhero action figure should be on the top of your list. If you’re an Aussie or a Kiwi, there’s a big chance that your boyfriend is a big fan of the god of thunder. There’s also a big chance that you’re a fan of Chris Hemsworth, eh? So why don’t you take a look at a cute line of pop vinyl in Australia, and get that action figure for him? Or, simply let him pick. (He’ll pick Batman. If he doesn’t pick Batman, leave him. Run from him. Lawyer up. Hit the gym. Delete Facebook. Everybody loves Batman.)

Sexy underwear

Let’s face it – guys simply hate buying underwear. However, their girls love seeing them in some sexy boxer briefs. So, the solution to this problem is rather obvious – buy your boyfriend underwear. Boxers are not sexy. Briefs are not sexy. Boxer briefs are incredibly sexy. What are you waiting for? Get your man a couple of them.


There’s nothing quite like smelling your boyfriend’s neck and getting lost in the smell, is it? It’s just so calming but exciting at the same time. Find out what’s your bf’s favourite perfume (don’t ask him, simply take a look at his night table, that’s where it is), and buy it as a gift. You’ll surprise him and give him a gift that’s cool at the same time.

People are complicated. Getting that perfect gift can be a chore. But, if you love someone, you don’t care about that, do you? Now go, go and find that gift that’ll put a smile on his face.

Written by Peter Minkoff

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