Tips for Effortless Chic Style

A lot of people want to look like the red carpet celebrities and models straight from magazine covers. The way they dress is always so on point and so effortless that we are left wondering how on earth they managed to put that outfit together. Here’s the secret: they didn’t. They have whole teams of fashion advisors who coordinate their outfits to make them look “effortless”. So if you don’t have your personal fashion squad but want to dress like them, here are some guidelines that will help you achieve the effortless chic look:

Have one thing out of place

If you see someone who is perfectly put together for a night out: black dress, high heels, hair and makeup perfectly done, but then with a distressed, old, bomber jacket thrown on top of that – you’d think that they look absolutely stunning and effortless. This can be footwear that is dressed down, an oversized coat or jumper that you throw on top of an outfit or even just a bag that doesn’t exactly go. The important thing is to really thing through the rest of your outfit and make sure everything else matches, because otherwise you risk looking like you just don’t know what goes together.

Wear the unexpected

It’s all in the little unexpected details that will make someone turn their head and think twice about the outfit – but in the end realize it’s an amazing look. An easy way to achieve this is to wear some things that people generally assume are “out of fashion” casual pieces and things that nobody would be caught wearing outside of the house. You can buy Crocs online in the wildest patterns and mix them up with your outfits. It is a completely forgotten, causal element that will add interest and an effortless touch to your outfit. Another example can be pajama pants that you only realize are pajamas when you take a better glance, but from afar look like regular trousers. Forget the rules of what you should and shouldn’t wear.

Statement pieces

An easy way to create an effortless look is to put together a fairly plain outfit, and then add a big statement piece to it. This can be a big, chunky piece of jewelry in an eye-catching color or a killer pair of shoes. Your showstopper “piece” can also be your hairstyle or makeup. Remember that statement pieces can also be an integral part of your look and change the fit of the clothing, like how a pin can change your neckline or how a belt can completely transform your figure.


If there’s one thing that will always be chic and that is truly effortless to pull off – it’s a monochromatic outfit. Sticking to neutrals is a sure way not to go overboard with the color, and mixing up different textures and shades is a great way to break up the outfit and give it some interest. A monochromatic outfit is a statement within itself and adding something to be a “color pop” will actually diminish the look, so just stick to a single tone and wear it with confidence.

Looking effortless is never easy, but it does allow you get away with some things if you plan it carefully. Woke up on a bad hair day? Make it a part of your outfit by bringing everything else tightly together. Secondly, being chic is more a matter of how you act than how you look. Value quality, experience and spontaneity and you’ll be well on your way to a chic look. The less you care about what people think of your look, the better it will be and the more people will like it, so let loose and feel free to experiment.

Written by Peter Minkoff

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