5 Cute Ways to Style Your Boots This Winter

Of course, stylish and warm boots will always be a true winter clothing staple. This winter, knee-high boots will be all the rage. It seems that a classic design is making its comeback after several seasons of chunky and unique boots at the spotlight. So, how do you plan to style your pair of cozy winter boots? If you need some ideas, keep on reading.

Boots and jeans – a match made in heaven

A great pair of jeans is a definite must-have during the colder months. And when you add your winter boots to the mixture, the combination gets near perfect. All you need for a complete perfection would be a nice and warm long scarf, a hat, a stylish bag and, of course, a fitting jacket. Future moms can combine stylish Mavi Jeans maternity pants with comfy ankle boots, also pairing them with trendy and stylish women’s jackets to confidently rock this look.

Go with a dress

There’s something truly special and romantic about wearing a dress in wintertime. It doesn’t matter if you like bodycon style dresses, skater ones or even those that flair out from underneath your bust – just make sure that your boots are showing properly. In general, dresses that end just above your knees are perfect, but you can go even shorter if you like. Of course, make sure that your dress is warm enough so that you feel comfortable and warm when outside.

Youthful look with skirts and shorts

Layering is always going to be a trendy style when it comes to your outfits and winter looks are no different. That being said, if you really dig a more youthful and urban dress style, definitely try to incorporate skirts and shorts in your winter outfits. Combining these with chelsea boots makes for a really unique and interesting style that is both cute and edgy. Of course, don’t forget to add warmth with the most important layering piece – good quality tights. Get 10% OFF10%OFF Get 10% OFF Get 10% OFF

Peaking socks

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the mood for jeans/pants, a skirt or a dress – even when you are wearing tights, there’s nothing as cute and stylish as rocking a pair of winter boots with a bit longer socks or leg warmers showing. When choosing socks for this particular look, either go with the ones that end just below your knees or mid-thigh ones if you’re pairing them with shorts or a skirt. If your entire outfit is more neutral in color, you can have fun with patterned and colorful socks and even match them with your hat and scarf.

In-your-face boots

While the classic tall boot design is back, no one said that the hype around interesting, statement-like details is going to blow over anytime soon. In that respect, you can find great winter boots that have a timeless shape and form, but that also come in a range of vibrant colors, color combinations and patterns. If you tend to go for relatively plain and single-color outfits, these boots can work as a statement piece of your whole look. Also, here’s an extra tip for you – you can always make your boots more interesting by replacing the shoelaces to match your winter accessories.

Always strive to stay true to your own personal style, even when it comes to winter boots. Moreover, remember that the most important thing when winter boots are concerned is their quality, comfort and warmth. If you want to feel cozy and stylish this winter, make sure to take your time to find the right pair(s) for you since both your effort and investment will be worth it.

Written by Peter Minkoff

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