Suit up! – Suits have their own rules!

25 things you need to know on how to wear your suit properly.

You don’t have to be a fashion victim to dress nicely. Style is something personal, it communicates with yourself and all you need to know is some of the inviolable rules.

1. If it’s not your size, even the most expensive suit in the world will look crap on you.

2. The buttons on the collar of the shirt can save you from a lot of trouble.

3. A polkadot tie can give life to a timid suit.

4. You shouldn’t cut the sewn pockets of jackets, because if you put something there, it will spoil the shape.

5. Do not consider the three piece suit (trousers, jacket, vest) old fashioned. If the vest reaches up to the belt, the whole effect looks fashionable and hides something from the belly. And of course it looks more formal.

6. The neck of the tie can never be wider than the tie!

7. Always unbutton the buttons of the jacket when you sit. Always!

8. You can’t wear over three jewels. (Ring / Wedding Ring, Watch, or whatever else).

9. Do not overdo it with accessories … Tie, pochette and pocket watch make you a hero of July Vern.

10. Do not wear your sport watch with a suit.

11. The first thing you do when you buy a suit: Remove the label from the sleeve.

12. When you don’t wear a tie, it is better if the shirt doesn’t have a huge collar. Unless you are a member of the mafia.

13. Pay attention to the sleeve of the jacket. It should reach the beginning of the thumb when the hand is down. When the sleeves are close, you look fatty!

14. You can understand the right size of the jacket. And that’s when the punch fits between the chest and the buttoned jacket. Not much, not a little, just like!

15. The ideal size of the trousers is when you can snug a finger in your waist.

16. If you decided to buy a suit from the internet, find a shop sells the brand and try it out. Make sure it fits you. Often the sizes between companies vary.

17. The double breasted jacket should be very thin, so that it doesn’t inflate in front when you have it unbuttoned.

18. The patterned coat can highlight the neutral – in color – suit.

19. The gray coat will always be all time classic.

20. The blue coat will match all your suits.

21. The camel (color) coat always gives a luxurious tone.

22. The game of shades always emphasizes the peculiarity of your style.

23. We never approve playing with plaids and motives.

24. The monk strap shoes are the most sophisticated and versatile shoes.

25. Loafers are always a serious choice, reaching the pants up to the middle of the ankle.

So suit up and rule the world!




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