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8 phrases that successful men never say


Many young gentlemen don’t understand that they often sabotage themselves in hunting for a happy and successful life.

There have been written hundreds of books, thousands of lectures from life coaches have been made and many have been said in interviews with men who have, by and large, managed to reach their life goals and feel confident having gained success in professional and personal life.

And what is definitely common to all successful men is faith in themselves and their strength, perseverance and dedication to their goal and their refusal to adopt in their everyday lives. Read the following list and see what phrases many people use in their daily routines may deprive them from success.


1) “I wish I could”

Instead of wishing you could do something, you better start implementing it. As you know, life doesn’t count words but acts, so as long as you sit on your couch and just hope you won’t change anything. Think of a shot, where you can easily reach each goal and begin to follow it.


2) “If I had done everything else …”

There is no man who has not repented of something he has done or about a decision he has taken in the past, but what has happened has become and that doesn’t change. Even if you think that a past decision keeps you of the present, it won’t benefit you wishing make the time go back. Instead, you have to be active in the present circumstances, change what bothers you in your life and do what you really want.


3) “I don’t have time”

All people are busy, even someone who doesn’t work, is occasionally confronted with obligations that can change their whole program. This should not be an excuse to postpone things you would like to do, but you think you do not have time. Whoever really wants to do something in his life finds time and the way to do it. For example, if you have decided to lose a few pounds, working long hours is not an excuse for not going to the gym. There are even 24-hour gyms that serve everyone.


4) “I’m too big for …”

It’s a phrase that a lot of people use, and shouldn’t do so. Age is just a number that doesn’t determine how you feel. Many people started working from a very young age, with the result of being successful at 25, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t follow your dreams after 35. A prominent examples are actors John Hamm and Samuel L. Jackson, who became famous, after their 40s. So don’t think about your age, just go for it!


5) “I don’t know”

The “I don’t know” answer is mostly an excuse not to think about something you are asked about. Don’t doubt about yourself and your knowledge and don’t hide behind this toxic phrase. Even if you really don’t know something, have your mind open if you are interested in learning. Knowledge never harmed anyone.


6) “I’ll leave it for later”

The phrase – a sign of procrastination. Everyone who has said “I will do it later”, we know deeply that we will never do it. If you want to be a successful man, don’t let your tomorrow do what you can do today and take action. Even if something seems boring to you, you have to do it as soon as possible to get it out of your way. Think about whether your procrastination has anything to do with the object you are dealing with. For example, if you often think you need to start German courses but continue to delay / postpone, the most likely thing is that you don’t care about learning German and you should do something else.


7) “I’m not good / smart / strong enough…”

Negative thoughts and questioning for yourself self-contemplate, so you don’t try enough for something. You don’t need anyone’s support or copulation if you don’t believe in your strength and abilities. Even if you have no inherent talent in something and need to try more than others, you shouldn’t be disappointed and surrendered if it is really what you want to follow. Do not forget that no one has reached the top with just talent and luck, but with a strong will, self-confidence and hard effort.


8) “I can’t”

As it is known, there is no “I can’t”, but “I don’t want to”. So, the next time you tell the little and disturbing phrase, think if you really care about what you think “you cannot”. It is an excuse not to go into the process of trying for something. Even if you do not do something in the first attempt, you shouldn’t give up, but learn from your mistakes and continue until you do it.


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