Tips on how to wear a suit

The suit is an outfit that most guys don’t like unless they are forced to wear it at work. But every man who respects himself must have at least one suit in his wardrobe and because you don’t wear it often it’s good to know how to wear it right!


1. It’s not a suit if the pants have a different color than the jacket.

Putting on a blue jacket and brown trousers doesn’t make it a suit, it’s just a jacket and a pair of pants. Plus blue and brown don’t go together so don’t bother to dress at all.


2. Wear a two button jacket and button only the top.

It is perfectly practical, as when you go to sit you will need more time to unbutton 3 buttons, than just one. Also, the button that you didn’t button, hide it by putting it under the other side of the jacket as you close it. It’s all more practical…


3. The pants of a suit are not jeans, iron them!

Once you put on a suit, you iron it properly so it does not have wrinkles, especially in the groin. It will also look ugly when you put your hand in your pocket.


4. The suit has a limited number of colors.

No, if you put on a pink suit you are not stylish, but the pink panther. Suits are black, blue, navy and gray.


5. Here the size counts.

Suit is not about gatherings at home and having a party. If you are in a good shape get it slim fit or even super slim fit, trust me you will look good and sharp. If you are a normal guy then regular size is cool and why not slim fit, it will make you look fitter. If you have some extra pounds then be safe and choose only regular size.


6. The suit is nice when when we look good in it.

We said it above. If you know your body size you know how to pick the best suit.


7. You don’it have to pay a fortune for a tailored suit.

Buy one and take it to a tailor to make it in your size. So simple…


*And one last thing. It doesn’t have to be a very special occasion to wear a suit. Believe me just wearing one on a Saturday night out will get all eyes on you!

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