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Interview with @king_hlabs

Tell me about yourself

I am Thabani Percival Mcmillan Mahlaba with a title like that I sound like I’m a Royal, I am a South African living in the middle east I consider myself to be an eclectic soul with a deep love of fashion music especially deep house music, art and architecture oh and food. I am 30 years old and work in  hospitality so fashion for me is more of a hobby I like to look good wherever I go but I want to make my look, look effortless I have lived in many countries and adopted that culture to put  a spin on the clothes I wear and incorporate it in my life.

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Style is what for you?

Style for me is what comes from with in it’s an extension of your personality it cannot be copied we tend to see on the media what we should look like what’s trending and what’s hot that season. So people tend to loose themselves and forget that style is about them and not what they see on TV or read in magazines. For me I like to be different quirky, you could say I always try to find something different be it a zipper that goes in different directions or an interesting accessory like scarfs or watches something that will make them wonder… something completely you that you can wear with confidence and will be the true representation of you. So for me style is just that unique spin you put on clothing that defines you.

Tell me about your diet plan for summer

Well I don’t really have a diet plan I don’t like to live my life rigidly I believe in being healthy you can eat what ever you like when ever you like as long as it is in moderation and you go to gym, but the key here is consistency you must just have a balance and live holistically.

What about your fitness plan?

My life is not the gym I have a fast paced lifestyle and it always go go go it’s more for balancing act and anything else I go to the gym three times a week mixed in with a balanced diet good sleep and friends that are always there to motivate you that you can always do better. So right now in the Middle East it’s winter so this is the perfect time to bulk up for the summer. I am currently in a group of like minded people who have a Goal to achieve so we can all look our best during the summer so we help each other out and pay it forward for anybody else that wants to join. Again is is consistency is key!

What are your future projects?

I have a lot but right now I am working on a one stop shop for men a  place where you can get all the beauty needs and a holistic space for the 21st first century man. From fashion tips to working out and skincare, men should start taking care of themselves and look good not just for a select few but for everyone. I want to have or create an awakening for men to be masculine but look and smell good. And have a positive outlook in all walks of life not only if you’re into fashion but just the regular guy who can come to my site and find exactly what they are looking for and start a revolution in their  lives ,ultimately that’s the goal so we can all look good I wanted to be more visual simple and easy to get in and out as most men these days don’t have time to go through so many catalogues and never finding what they want so on my page you’ll find exactly what you looking for in half the time so you can continue doing what you do. Watch this space for Colonial Hue!!

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