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Interview with @daryldamion

Tell me about yourself

I am 30 years old and from Malta, a sun-filled island in the middle of the Mediterranean. I work in finance but fashion has always been a passion.

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Style is what for you?

It is about portraying to the world, and more importantly, yourself, how you feel … whether you are in a pair of jeans and white t-shirt, or a fine three-piece suit, you should feel ready to conquer the world at any point in time.

Tell me about your diet plan for summer

I must admit, I am not normally on a strict diet, unless a particular project is planned. However I am focusing on having a more active and healthier lifestyle, and compensating (any) cheat meals with workouts.

What about your fitness plan?

Circuit training, gym workouts and running along the beach front for some fresh air  – I believe in having a balanced plan, and looking forward to push myself to reach my goals.

What are your future projects?

Looking at creating an opportunity to share my passions – fashion, travels and lifestyle in general.

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