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Interview with @shahar_sean

Tell me about yourself

Hi my name is Shahar Sean Dalal and i was born and raised in Israel, as a kid i always wanted to be exposed to the big world , travel and  experience and live in my dream cities , now as an adult i can say i followed my dream and fulfilled it  . im currently living in the us for the past 13 years , been living in Los Angeles , San Francisco , San Diego , Miami , and now in new York city .
as a teenager i worked in the fashion industry in Tel Aviv Israel and in the states been working in the beauty industry .

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Style is what for you?

Style is everything , style reflect personality , mood , place …
i made sure in every city i lived to dress up by the city Theme , San Francisco was more dress up with a European touch , LA was mostly tank tops, short jeans , or stylish accessories , in Miami you have the vacation vibe  , speedos  , colorful button downs
i even had my own line of T shirts  back in Miami that went well but i needed to travel and go else where with my career . currently im in New York city where its all about style! , one of the best cities in the world in sense of style and fashion especially in this time of the year ( fall, winter)  never in my life needed to put that many layers on me 🙂

Tell me about your diet plan for summer

Thank god summer is far away and i dont have to worry too much , iv’e been trying all kinds of different diets before , Keto ., no sugar , low carbs diets, fasting diets …
my main diet plan for this summer i believe would be high protein , lots of fiber and very low sugar , i believe extreme has expiration date , you dont have to be too hard on yourself and make sure you enjoying the best of all worlds  in the right amounts 🙂

What about your fitness plan?

Now that im in my 30’s i really feel that going 5-6 times to the gym and lift heavy weights is not so much for me anymore if you want to keep it natural without any extreme supplements. so i started to do more repeats of lower weights , trying to combine more boot camp and outdoor activities and listen to my body instead of pushing my limits i do however believe a lot in personal trainer and planing to work with one for the long run.

What are your future projects?

Im currently working in new York city with a big boutique brand for skin care and spa industry , im planing to grow big with them and expend in the us , i love my job in the skin care field and planing to learn more  . of course i will never give up traveling and i got lots of new destinations on my list for the future .

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