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Interview with San Rohle

Style is what for you?

Style, for me, is something rather intuitive. You can mix so many different things and even styles which makes an entirely new way of expressing yourself. The older I grow the more daring my outfits get…

Tell me about your diet plan for summer

My diet plan for summer is, well, there is no such a thing as a plan for any season. I eat what I like throughout the year. Luckily I like healthy and low fat things mainly. So there is no need to be on any specific diet…

What about your fitness plan?

Since I don’t have the ambition to turn into a Hulk I don’t need a particular fitness plan. I like doing sports. I go to the gym 3 times a week and also I like going on a run in the park. However, I never go overboard with any of these sports. I just like to be slightly toned and if it comes to me not being happy with my shape, I go running even more often. 🙂

What are your future projects?

Well, as for my future, I have the ambition to train teachers. Now, I’m a Maths teacher and also a special educationalist. I like teaching children and teenagers. But I think teaching adults might also be challenging. You never know what the future holds…

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