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Interview with Samuel Lopez

Tell me about yourself

Hello ,

My name is Samuel Lopez and i’m 20 years old . I’ve born in Valencia ( Spain ) but i am living in Italy for over 3 years. Actually i don’t have a place to call “home” cause i am always at the airport …but let’s say my house is in Italy and In my hometown ( Valencia )  . I am a Latin American dancer so i am always traveling for work , competitions and shows .

I’ve been Spanish Champion for 6 times and World Semifinalist representing Spain .

My life style is : Dancing , Working out at the gym , Traveling around the world and sometimes i work as a model .

In my free time and when i have the possibility to go “ Home “ i love to meet my friends, give a big hug to my mom and family , go for a drink , talk , laugh …. I am a person who give everything for the people i love .

I also love writting poems and to design some fashion dresses for Men and Womens . I get so much inspired by Donatella Versace and Stefano Gabbana.

I have a lot of imagination and I’m really creative . That’s why i am a really good dancer . Watching me dancing is like talking with me without a word , like if you can understand every single feeling i have inside .

I don’t talk to much , actually i am a bit shy but when i start dancing i totally change , is like my safe site .

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Style is what for you?

In my opinion Style is to create your own personality . I always tried to be different from the others. Everyone have their own style to dress , speak , walk , live ….. I use to say like :

“ I am humble to know i’m not better than anybody, but wise enough to know i am different from the rest “

Tell me about your diet and fitness plan for summer

I don’t have a special diet to follow but i’m always trying to eat a lot of proteins , vitamins and so on . I work and travel a lot so i need to have my body physicaly and mentaly  prepared .

My fitness plan is going to the Gym 1 hour per day 4 times at week and then training my dancing for become better and better the rest of 365 days of the year !!! . At the Gym i use to divide the workouts like :

Monday : Pecs and triceps

Tuesday: Back and Biceps

Wednsday: “Day off” , but i have my everyday

dance practice so it’s like cardio everyday .

Thursday: Shoulders , Legs and Forearm.

Friday : Street workout . ( Push ups , calisthenics …..)

What are your future projects?

My projects for the Future are to be everyday more and more Happy . I want to be remembered . I ‘d like that someday people will get inspired by my way to be , my style , my dancing . I want to become World Champion and one of the best teachers in the world .

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