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Interview with Vito Ranieri

Tell me about yourself

Hello Guys i’m Vito Ranieri from Italy(Bari) and i’m 32 years old. I’m a professional Latin Dancer..and in the last 10 years i have travelled teaching and performing all over the world in countries like Usa, India, Arabia,Australia,Asia etc..winning also International Championship. I have a dance academy and i love work with my image at 360°.
I have 2 agreements in Economy and Marketing and a big passion for comunication, but my soul is for showbusinees.
Another big love is MC..if u Ask me what is your focus, my answer is i’m where need creativity, beauty, entertainment…and extravagance.

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Style is what for you?

Style is soul, research, innovation, experimentation. I’m constantly looking for the perfect harmony. King Giorgio Armani used to say true elegance is not to be noticed, but to be remembered… i love to be noticed and remembered. I love the excesses , the colors and go from the classic style to the underground style.
Style is evolution…and i think u can not learn about style.. Style is something that comes from within.

Tell me about your diet plan for summer

My diet is mainly Mediterranean, with plenty of vegetables, legumes, and white meat. I eat fish 3 times a week and about 500 g of carbo for day. I try to have 6 meal a day.

What about your fitness plan?

Guys all my day is about fitness, dance and sport. About Body building i have 4 session a week with 2 muscle groups at a time and legs with an isolated session. 1 do minimum 2 hours of aerobic activity a day, and i try to dedicated 30 micute a day for stretching and medidation.
Without forgetting that every day I teach dance for at least 4 hours. The rhythms are very high, but me more 🙂

What are your future projects?

 Of corse contunue to dance but i would love work also in fashion and photography. I forgot to tell you that I am also a professor of business administration.
I would love open a club.. and continue to travel all over the world. if u wanna check some my video go on YouTube and write my name.

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