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Interview with Antoan Georgiev

Tell me about yourself

I feel myself like a traveler. For the last year, I have 30’s just a hobby.But my serious job is a vet. I work in surgery to sedate animals. I love working with animals. Sometimes I’m a model. More interesting is my work with Loreal for hair style and official fashion week In Bulgaria-Sofia Fashion week.

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Style is what for you?

Аbout style… I’m afraid of being ordinary. But life so turned me that every day I wear a uniform…the same as all colleagues. But when I rest, I experiment with different styles.Style…This is the way to show who you are to the world. I would say I am very inspired by the Italian Mariano Divaio.

Tell me about your diet plan for summer

My diet is in the summer only a good mood and lots of ice cream naturally :)))

What about your fitness plan?

I want a nice abs…xaxa.No.I want to be strong. It helps me a lot in working with animals. I just want to get older in good shape and one day to be an example for my children

What are your future projects?

I have an app that tells me that I have traveled only 15% of the world.In the future I have to find another 85%.I want to be good person. This is my plan…But I’d say it’s a good plan

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