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Interview with Raja Noor Izzuddin (Malaysia)

Tell me about yourself

I’m a Strategic Planning Manager & e-commerce entrepreneur, born and raised in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. In the community building, I have co-founded the Malaysian Gentleman’s community @gentlemansclubmy as a platform to revive Gentleman’s culture in Malaysia. I have many passions, but 3 that stood out would be gentleman’s sports, sartorial prowess, and high culture. In my free time, I enjoy horse riding, watching polo match, and binge-watching Netflix. Due to my passionate interest in horsepower, I have been recently taking polo class, and it was an amazing experience!

Style is what for you

My favourite aspects of men style today are that it’s not solely about fashion and appearance. Sartorial aspect is something at the very essence. A whole culture of clothing has grown up around that. In terms of the sartorial aspect, I have discovered that Italian style suited myself best. Those designers in Italy put human body at the centre of its design, and I have been impressed by their design elegance, clever way of mix and match, and world-class fit. On weekday, put me with an unstructured blazer, dress shirt, loafer – and I’m good to go!

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Tell me about your diet plan

I do not have a specific diet for the summer, as Malaysia’s whether is hot and humid all year around lol! On another note, I eat everything else in moderation and control. Although I’m a big fan of the Malaysian Teh Tarik (Milk Tea), I balance myself with lower quantity of rice, and more protein on my meals such as fish, tofu, and eggs.

What about your fitness plan

My fitness routine is pretty basic. I start with 5km running on the treadmill, and later I do toning of the muscles and core strength exercise. I try to do it at least 3 times a week.  On the weekend, I keep myself fit through stick and ball polo practice (although I love to ride everyday!)

What are your future projects

Identifying polo horse, improving my horse-riding, and perfecting my swing, with the aim to play polo in the future. At the same time, together with my Co-Founder, we hope to steer Gentleman’s Club Malaysia at the very top of the Malaysian gentleman’s community. God willing, that goals will be achieved.

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