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Hello everyone today I talk about a young Italian influencer named Giuseppe Laguardia. I went to visit him and interviewed him for our magazine:

1. Tell me about yourself ? I am a 26 year old boy and I live in Milan, I have many passions that are those of fashion, fitness and photography in fact I do numerous photo shoots for many brands that ask me to promote their products.

2. How do you start modeling? Let’s say that since I was younger I liked the photographs in fact taking pictures of anything and I did a lot of selfies. For about 2 years instead I started shooting for some Italian photographers.

3. How do you keep your body in shape? I am a fitness enthusiast and I love sport, I train 6 days a week in the gym doing numerous exercises with weights and bodyweight.

4. What is your diet plan? I take care of my body doing healthy eating and my program consists of eating and consequently taking a few carbohydrates while increasing the protein intake.

5. Why is instagram very important to you? I started using Instagram for a game for about a year and by posting selfies I noticed that I was followed by many people by the day, so I started taking more professional photos that portray me either in the gym or with trendy outfits.

6. What are your future plans? At the moment I have no plans and I hope to continue to do more and more, take good pictures to show on my profile and continue to train my body in an even more professional way.

You can find Alfonso Fox on his Instagram page is the link:

for today it’s all we’ll see at the next interview.

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