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Gabriele Merli

Hello everyone today I talk about a young Italian influencer named Gabriele Merli. I went to visit him and interviewed him for our magazine:

1)Tell me about yourself?

I’m Gabriele, i’m 24 years old (25 soon) and i’m attending master’s Segret in Marketing, Consumption and Communication al IULM University in Milan. I’m an Influencer and i mainly work in fashion, fitness and tech fields.
2) how did you start modeling?

I started modeling at the age of 19, first in Perugia, my hometown, later in Florence and then in Milan. I got into this because i like to being photographed and it went good.
3) how do you keep your body fit?

I’m an ex waterpolo player and i love swimming. I actually keep my body fit with a combination of swim and gym.
4) what’s your diet plan? 

I don’t follow a diet plan, i’m too addicted to chocolate and i love eating!
5) Who is Instagram really important for you? 

Because it allows me to express myself and it’s also becoming a way to earn money.
6) what are your future projects? 

I’ll keep working on Instagram like i do now. When i’ll be graduated i hope to work in the Digital Business.

you can find Gabriele Merli on his Instagram page, this is the link:

For today this is all we will hear from Alfonso Fox in the next interview.

Written by Alfonso Fox

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