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Giuseppe Laguardia

Hello everyone today I talk about a young Italian influencer named Giuseppe Laguardia. I went to visit him and interviewed him for our magazine:

  1. Tell me about you? I am an Italian boy, I am 28 years old and I live a Turin, I love fashion and I am passionate about photography, in fact as well as being involved in various photo shoots, also models and models photographer around Italy.
  2. Do you come soon to model? I started making selfie when I was younger, then in 2009 I started a pose for a film for some photographers and this passion has grown more and more to attract the attention of some great Italian photographers.
  3. Are you keeping your body in shape? I love taking care of myself and of my body in fact I train every day both in the gym and in the streets of Turin practicing running and street work out.
  4. What is your diet plan? The diet? I try to eat healthy, protein and carbohydrates, I try to avoid many sugars and fats I’m so hungry I eat a nice Italian pizza, which never hurts.
  5. Why are instagrams very important to you? Instagram has been a great challenge, a challenge with itself and with people who every day appreciate what is behind every single photo shoot, or many sacrifices and sacrifices, so many times spent looking for the right locations and post production, that that goes beyond because it is all passion not anything else
  6. what are your future projects? My future projects are always becoming, making many trips and taking lots of beautiful photos to share with the whole world … then one day, marrying my future woman and having many children.                                                                                                                                                                                          You can find Giuseppe Laguardia on his Instagram page is the link:                                                                                                                      For today this is all we will hear from Alfonso Fox on the next interview.

Written by Alfonso Fox

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